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Technical Sales

Throughout the world we are looking for qualified professional technical sales persons to help promote our solar energy solutions.  We are an equal opportunity employer and are looking for technical sales persons with at least a high school diploma, and relevant experience in a technical or sales role are encouraged to apply.  Accepted applicants will be trained by us to educate customers, provide quotations, and sell our products and have the opportunity to earn commission for every sale.


  • Understand and communicate the important technical, design, and sales aspects of a solar installation.
  • Quote and develop sales leads for our solar solutions in your community.
  • Confer with design engineers on best solutions to customer needs.
  • Educate the customer on the potential performance benefits and limitations as well as cost and maintenance expectations.
  • Manage customer relations in all aspect of ordering, scheduling, and installation.
  • Opportunity to earn a percentage commission for each sale you make.

How to Apply

Apply Here!
  • Option 1. Apply here. Outline your qualifications with proof of prior experience, training, and work. We will contact qualified applicants to set up an appointment.
  • Option 2. Stop by our retail location to meet with our staff to apply to be a salesperson. Please bring a resume and proof of your qualifications, training, and prior work.