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Last Mile Solar is committed to provide solar energy solutions for cleaner world and a sustainable tomorrow. We offer a full range of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services to provide reliable electricity globally. Our goal is educate our customers about the potential of solar power and provide them with a solution at a low cost.

Other Services

As always quotes and advice are free.  We offer many other services free of charge at our retail location.  We also maintain installation equipment that is available for rent at a reasonable price.  Stop by and see how we can help you.

If you dont think your batteries are performing as well as they should, bring them by our office to have them load tested for free. We have professional testing equipment that measures your batteries storage potential. Batteries should be charged before bringing them in.
Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 20-25 years but sometimes poor quality or rough handling can reduce the rated production of a panel. Bring your panels to our retail location to have them tested by our professionals.
Used batteries, panels, and other electronics have heavy metals in them that can pollute and harm the environment. We accept all types of e-waste and will make sure that it is recycled properly.
We have a variety of heavy equipment that we also rent out by the day when not in use. Our rental equipment includes multiple generators from 4Kw-20Kw, CAT mini-dozer, welding equipment, and other tools. Contact us for availability.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality products from trusted manufacturers with warranty and technical support
  • Online inventory with upfront pricing and extensive product information
  • Online system design with accurate performance analysis using actual weather data and component specifications
  • Professional energy use audit and load requirement analysis
  • System design triple-checked for component matching and performance optimization
  • Simplified financing applications increase your chances of receiving a loan
  • Professional installation with one year performance and satisfaction guarantee
  • Continuing systems operation, monitoring, and maintenance available