Installation, Operations and Maintenance

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Let our professional installers handle the installation of your next solar energy system project.  All of our installers are trained electricians specializing in PV solar systems installation and operation. Our installers will make sure your solar energy system, water pumping system, or lighting systems are properly installed to code and performing to expectations.  Last Mile Solar guarantees your satisfaction for up to 1 year on all of our installations.

Operations and Maintenance

We offers routine maintenance services to ensure your solar energy system is operating at maximum efficiency to save you more money. Solar energy systems generally require little maintenance from year to year.

Regular maintenance is recommended, maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning PV modules to remove dirt that will reduce the module efficiency
  • Ensure charge controller settings are optimized
  • Checking battery state of charge and connections
  • Inspecting wiring
  • We offer free shipping of replacement components when Last Mile Solar is performing regular maintenance services.