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About Us

Last Mile Solar is committed to provide solar energy solutions for cleaner world and a sustainable tomorrow. We offer a full range of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services to provide reliable electricity throughout Burkina Faso. Our goal is educate our customers about the potential of solar power and provide them with a solution at a low cost.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you  power your needs with solar energy.


Abdoulaye IlboudoPartner
Tim BilmanisPartner
Andy BilmanisPartner

Abdoulaye is a Burkina native and holds a degree in Law. He is responsible for business development, customer relationship management, and the West African operations.

Tim is an engineer with experience in finance and software development. He is responsible for system design, technology development, online business development, and logistics.

Andy is an engineer with experience in renewable and grid level energy systems. He is responsible for product procurement, system design, manufacturer relationship development, and the USA operations.