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At Buy-US we provide solar energy services and products throughout Burkina Faso.  We provide complete renewable energy solutions for powering any size home, municipal, or corporate buildings; as well as powering remote villages and farmers with solar energy for irrigation, lighting, and telecom needs. Contact us for a free quote for any of your energy needs.


In our online design center you can perform a custom analysis of solar electrification, lighting, and irrigation systems.  Actual weather data and component specifications are combined to create a matched and optimized system that meets your needs.

We offer complete solutions for all of your energy needs.  Our employees will handle every step of the process including optimal product selection, site analysis, financial analysis, system design, installation, performance testing, and operations/maintenance.  Learn more about how we can help you with your electrification, lighting, or irrigation needs.

We are looking to expand our network.  Qualified installers are invited to sign up as installation partners.  By joining us you receive special discounts, priority delivery, financing options, warranty support, system design consultation, and potentially customer referrals.

Qualified technical sales representatives are also invited to join us.  Sales representatives will be trained by us and have the opportunity to earn commissions for every sale they make.   Learn more here.